Sorry if I’m burning up the 900S forum with dumb questions. Over the weekend I changed the front diff demand drive fluid. When I looked at the owners manual to see what the rear diff takes it kind of confused me. Looks like the diff and the trans are linked and you just change the AGL fluid. Right? In my 800 you changed diff, transmission, transfer case and front diff, not to mention the oil. So it would be great if it was just down to 3 fluids.

Second question. I have been looking at Nerf bars/tree kickers for the sides. I like the ORB for how they mount. They are $450! Gilbert Designs also makes a nice set for about $425. Of course UTV giant makes a set for about $100, and Allied makes a set for about $200. But the last two don’t seem nearly as strong as the expensive ones. Plus the last two are made in China.
I really like the way the ORB mount with 90 degree inserts.
Any input? My buddy Brian has the Gilbert and swears by them. But their website doesn’t show how they mount. So I may give them a call.

If you have the ORB or Gilbert Designs on your 900S please share your input.

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