Just wanna get up on my soapbox and flog a dead horse a bit.

If you’re gonna park these toys on a slope, you’re gonna have a fun time getting it out of park. Steep enough and you’ll be afraid you’re going to break the parking pawl (gear). There are various ways from a piece of 2×2 wood or piece of tubing from the brake pedal to a fixed point in the cab, to a hydraulic on/off in the rear brake line (push/pull in the cab) to various DIY and professional (Pawl-tector, UTVinc, “Spring Brake Thingy”) mechanical contrivances to hold the pedal down. Pick one and use it! Step on the brake, lock it, release the pedal and then put the transmission in park. Your transmission will thank you.

Link to park brake threads: http://www.rzrforums.net/search.php?searchid=25920161

Flogging over, soapbox mode /OFF

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