In case you’re looking for information on clutch kit options here’s a quick video I made of how to adjust the QuadShopCustoms (QSC) clutch kit available from RVS Performance.

RZR 900 S / Trail

I bought my kit back in April from a guy who’d used it for a few weeks and then bought an entirely new aftermarket primary. He had the weights setup for mud and I contacted Ryan at RVS Performance; he helped me out with the same great support as if I bought directly from him. I got my weight recommendations for the stock Dirt Commanders and 12″ wheels and it helped out a ton. Quicker belt engagement at lower RPMs and MUCH smoother takeoffs.

QSC Weight Setup for Stock Wheels/Tires: 1/4ss Base, 3/8ss Mid, 1/4sh Tip

QSC Weight Setup for 14″ Raceline Mamba/28x10x14 Maxxis Carnivores: 3/8ss Base, 1/4ss Mid, Empty Tip

I’ll be going to Brimstone Paragon next weekend and I haven’t had a chance to test the setup out on the trails yet. However, just in the driveway it feels like the engagement smoothness and throttle snappiness is back to where it should be.

Here are some older pictures from the install back in April:

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