I’ve noticed significant sag in mainly my rear springs but more importantly the ride has gotten awful. My wife even noticed it on our last ride at royal blue, and trust me, she hates me spending money on the rzr. Does the racer tech springs take out the harsh hits and side to side bouncing on the small stuff or would we also need a shock revalving? My 900s only has about 600 miles on it but the ride is way worse than it was a few hundred miles ago. I do ride quickly at times, but very little jumping. I am looking for a smoother ride when it comes to the small stumps and washouts here in the Midwest and I don’t know if springs will get me there? I talked to William Yokely and the shock revalve would run another $600 on top of the $600 for the springs. Another option is would I be better off selling and getting an xp1000 for a better ride or investing the money? I really love the rzr though but the ride has made it bittersweet.
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