I just got a set of these springs from a forum member and installed them this morning. I’m a bit of a suspension nerd and have owned a few autox cars, but this is my first SxS and I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into here. My biggest issue with springs for ATVs is they never state rates or length so it hard to tell what is going to change.

After seeing all the reviews that the Racer Techs are worth it and so great I figured it was worth a try, upon receiving them I was really surprised that they are the same for front and back. This is odd as suspension leverage will be different front to back and weight is not perfectly 50-50 on these machines. That threw me a bit, but everything else looked great and was well packaged. I proceeded to install them.

Install took just about a hour, sprayed threads with wd-40 and loosened up the collars while still mounted to the machine as it was much easier to turn and not have to hold the shock. Then with a 15mm wrench and socket I removed them and installed the new spring. My height was up quite a bit in the rear nearly two inches and the front was not far off that. I’m sure this will settle in over time. I ran about a 1/4 of preload all around and went for a ride.

My first thoughts on the stock machine was that the front springs were too short and stiff, and the rear was too soft. So having springs that were same all around might work out, as they are for sure stiffer in the rear and maybe a bit softer up front, but much longer and with the dual spring spring in the mix now. Again this is all my guessing as I don’t have any real spring numbers and the dual rates make it hard to guess.

General Comfort

I’d say most of what people say is so much better in these is that the front has so much more spring to work with now. Its fairly comfy but not like a whole new machine or anything. Overall I’m very happy with how it rides now, for the type of riding I do. High speed trails.


This was my biggest issue researching springs, no one new how they improved handling. Here’s what I can tell. The rear stays way way flatter. I was having a lot of issues with picking up a rear tire in corners before and that is gone. The machine was fairly neutral before, but now it over-steers very well. Which is tons of fun. Entry speed also seems improved as confidence is just higher that the machine isn’t going to roll as easy. The crazy nose dive when braking is also gone, I didn’t hate it, but it made hard stops into corners a bit wild. Now I can stand on the brakes turn in and get the rear to come out, then feed throttle to keep it out. This leads me to corner exit. With these springs the weight doesn’t set back as well as it use to, so I feel its loosing traction easier. Still fun, but not going to win any races spinning tires.


This is a small topic for me as my farm doesn’t have much for jumps, but what I noticed before was the front would bottom out and absorb the jump and the rear would bounce off of it, so basically every jump made it so you landed on the front two tires. This seems to be less the case now.

Conclusion and Feedback for Racer Tech

I can’t really compare these to any other springs because they are the only ones I have installed and ridden on, but I can say that they are much much better than stock and makes it feel like Polaris didn’t even put any effort into finding the right springs for this machine. I would buy these again as it just seems like a very solid product and I like what it did with the machine. But if I was to be picky, and I am, I would slightly soften up the rear spring rates. I’m sure this costs more as you need to make more springs, but if you could get a bit more weight transfer to the rear I think this would be a perfect setup for stock shocks.

I’m going on a few 200+ mile rides in the next month or so, and I will keep it updated as I ride more.

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