Jacked my new to me 2015 900s up and man there is a lot of slop and noise in the transmission/rear diff when I rock the tires back and forth. I cranked it and put it in gear and hit the gas and it clunked every time I let it come to a coasting stop. My 800 has some but this one just seems to have more. It’s been taken care of it looks like and just has big horns no monster tires. It makes a clunk on take off If you coast to a complete stop on the road too. Just curious if it’s “normal” Polaris fit and finish. What I’m talking about is definitely internal noise not belt/brakes or axles. I might be over cautious but just looking for opinions. Just read about pinion nut coming loose on the xp and hoping the 900s doesn’t have this issue. Thanks in advance.
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