Hey guys, im new to this forum and new to the rzr world. I recently purchased a 2011 rzr 900 xp from a dealer, within 3 days it died on me when I was driving it. When i went to hit the key the motor cranked very fast, like there was no compression. Since I just bought it at a dealer, i loaded it up and brought it back to them. After a week of no response from the dealer they call me and tell me that there is no compression and that they will not help me out, and told me they could install a new motor. I asked if they did a leak down test and they did not. My theory is, is that the hydraulic chain tensioner failed, making it jump time and when they tested compression intake and exhaust valves were not in time and open at the same time showing that there was no compression. I’m fed up with this dealer and brought the rzr home again, thinking about tearing this apart on my own. Most dual overhead cam motors ive worked on are interference motors. If it turns out to be a timing issue will i find valves that slammed into pistons? Or will i be able to replace a timing chain, tensioner, and some sprockets and be good?

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