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I started working on a skid for my 2025 900s the other day. I have 2of them and my friend also has one so we figured instead of spending $1500-$2500 on skids for all of the we would figure this out. We bought a 4×10 sheet of 3/8”uhmw for $320(almost enough for 2 fullskids, mini router for $100 and about $60 in bits(1.5”&1”forstner bits, 45 degree chamfer and 3/8” router bits). I drew a mock-up and plasma cut a template to check fitment. A few very minor tweaks and it fits like a glove. Total I have about 2 hours doing the mock-up and 1.5 hours cutting and forming the main skid. Should have abou 3-4 more hours to mock the front and rear portion and finish this up.

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