Okay guys so I’ve done my research and learned that most people prefer aftermarket wheels to be 5+2 offset rather than 4+3.

I went ahead and found wheels that are 14×7 5+2 offset. My goal is to have the same tire and wheel front and rear so that I can rotate them freely (also I would get a spare wheel and tire to match and rotate through as well). I also don’t mind going a hair wider but don’t want to exceed 1″ on either side (total of 2″ increased width is okay, but no more).

So, I’m thinking of the Sedona Ripsaw in 28x10x14 for all 4 corners.

Here is what I need to know. Would this tire and wheel package accomplish what I’m trying to do? How wide would I find my setup vs. stock fronts and rears? And finally, I know the ripsaws are mad heavy. A lot heavier. Could I run this setup without re-clutching and how bad will it kill my acceleration?

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