Hey im new here, i have no idea of someone has had this problem before. I have a 2016 s900. The bike is lower on the passengers side, i measured all of the spring adjustments (previously had them cranked down as far as the manual recomends) i even checked all the clicker knobs on the shocks. I measured the springs as well and the frnt passengers side was compressed about 3/4 of an inch more than the drivers side. So i figured the spring was weak. Took the spring off, dealer handed me a new one under warrenty, no questions asked. Re-installed. And i still have the problem of it sitting lower on the passengers side…..my only other idea was to just quickly swap the front two springs and shocks and see if it sits lower on the drivers side. Stupid idea? Easier solutions? Any known issues? Where do i stop? Do i swap the rear springs and shocks to oposit sides lol?Hoping the frame isnt bent. But i havent hit anything. 🙁
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