I already have the shock therapy springs and I am set at 13.25″ front and 13″ rear with 28″ tires on the machine. Crossovers are set per shock therapy instructions. 2016 2 seater EPS.

Now here are my issues / questions. The machine seems just as stiff as the original springs, except I am not sitting at 10″ of clearance. When riding slow trails the small rocks, tree roots and washboard roads are felt through your body. Constant jostling, but at the same time it will bottom out without too much effort. You can also here the front bang to full extension when pressure is take off one tire. Not as hard as it was when I was at14″ of clearance, but noticeable. My clickers are currently full soft in rear and 3 up from full soft in front. The machine also bucks on every whoop on the trail and off of the small uphill jump I have on my track. The front will come up about 6″ off the ground and the back 12-18″. At speed the machine is horrible, but it feels more like it floats over stuff instead of really absorbing things.

Can / will revalving fix most of this? Looking for before and after opinions from people that have done revalve plus springs. How did machine act before and after. I see a lot of “its night and day difference” but what actually changed is my question? Trying to make an educated decision before I spend the $700 or so. Lots of people said springs were huge improvement, but I really only noticed ground clearance gain. I would soften the springs up more, but don’t want to bottom out any worse.

Thanks in advance for all advice or opinions!!

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