As I said earlier I installed the SLP silent intake for one reason, hoping to get less dust in my air box. I also said I would give a long term evaluation of the SLP for this purpose.
My results were better than expected. From Colorado trail dust to Moab’s red clay dust the SLP has cut the dust in my air box 95 percent. I was convinced the dust was entering the box from all the gaps underneath rather than through the side intake and that appears to be the problem. Raising the intake and sealing it to the box has eliminated my dust issues. After 3 days of Moab red dust which covered every inch of my RZR when I removed the filter and tapped it, no visible dust came out. Before the SLP I would tap the filter for several minutes trying to get all the dust out, it was a mess.
Now I’m not saying this is better than the particle separater, but because of my roll bar/spare tire, the separater would not fit for me. I can say dust is not an issue anymore for me, it was money well spent.

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