went riding with a buddy sat and spent most of the time discussing how we should add to my 900’s cage after i chop it. i guess it wanted me to build it a whole new cage. riding sunday i was going too fast down a road/trail (all my fault) hit a puddle and instead of just blowing through it she hydroplaned sideways my front passenger tire found solid ground on the other side and she picked right up. one and a quarter rolls, came to rest on the passanger side.

the cage actually held up better than i would have expected (i was somewhere around 100 km/h) my gf’s arm did however go out the window and hit the ground. luckly didnt go in-between the rolling rzr and the ground just smacked the dirt pretty good, got it x-rayed and no breaks just some decent bruising.

we where 100% sober btw, wearing our seatbelts(or it would have been much worse) but no we where not wearing helmets

as for damage, cage is fucked, so are both passenger fender flairs. passenger fender, the little rad mounts (really polaris the whole front of the machine is held on with 4 peaces of stamped tin) passenger door mount is broken (aluminum tube…) front pannel, and a bent rear lower corntrol arm. not sure how the fronts are still straight

now for the mandatory pictures

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