Hello, new rzr owner, 17 900s… I know theres plenty of threads on here already but not too many recent and not sure if they are referencing the 900s or not and obviously the cage is different on the xp

I got my amp mounted up above the steering, no issues there. ive got wake tower speakers on the cage.. want to hide wire the best i can. seems its 50/50 on if drilling holes will weaken the already junk cage even more or not..so if i can avoid it i suppose that would be ‘smarter’

i saw some people that made it sound like theres a way to fish it in existing holes..i checked quickly but didnt see any holes.. am i missing something, or is there none on the 900s and it for sure would need drilled? it was late and i didnt have good light and i just installed a roof, didnt want to pull it back off to check up there.

do i need to keep looking or is drilling the only option? if so do i need to drill top and bottom or just top..is there holes at bottom? not sure if ill go that route or just put them in some loom and tie it to the cage. would look a lot nicer hidden.

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