Did you know that the throttle plate does not open 100% on you 15+ RZR 900. The Factory detuned this model because when unlocked it has the potential to out run an XP1K. We were the first ones to unleash the full potential of this engine giving it 100% unrestricted power. We go deep into the binary code on the ECU and write our own programming which very few people can do. Make your 15+900 perform like it was meant to by installing one of our stage kits with full unlocked ECU power. Be wary of imitators

This kit works on all RZR 900 models 2015-Up.
Totally transforms your RZR making it accelerate harder and go faster.
91 Horsepower Kit (+16 HP)
Higher Top Speeds
Programming opens the throttle 100%, eliminates torque limiters, optimizes fuel & timing, raises speed & rev limit, and locks the throttle by wire
Big mid and high end performance gains
Clutching designed specifically for our tuning

Attached below is engine dyno graphs of power upgrades for your 900s/trail

Attached Thumbnails



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