Last year, August 13th, my 900S was stolen from my garage….

I got a call from my insurance company, and they would like me to pick up my RZR (It was fully insured) and give them a buy-back value. I have NOT seen the machine in person but the insurance adjuster sent me a lot of pictures….
It was a Havasu Red machine. Now it has a custom rattle-can flat black paint job…. Suspension components, over-sprayed on the head/tail lights, roll cage is painted blue… poorly. Lower front A-Arms are bent, clutch cover is missing, center console is torn apart and the shifter is loose, stereo is gone, winch is gone, right front axle is shot….
I have not had a chance to turn the engine over to see if it is seized, the shifter laying loose concerns me, the entire thing needs paint/decals, no idea how many miles/hours the thieves put on it in the last 6 months…

The good: All the parts are still there. Tires, wheels, seats, engine, drivetrain, roof, lower doors, windshield, plastics (other than hood).

Insurance wants me to get it out of the impound lot and take it to my shop so I can give them a buy-back number. What would you value a vandalized 2015 RZR 900S at? I can do all the work myself, ground-up, but the insurance company doesn’t need to know that.

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