I put the 30″ curved LED light bar on my 900S a week and a half ago. Just last week (8/14-8/19) I went to Hatfield & McCoy for a riding trip and got to get 350+ miles of trail riding with it installed. It handled the week of riding and two rounds through a pressure washer (very close pressure washer) very well.

It comes with two aluminum brackets (which I ended up using directly to my existing cage holes for the front of the roof) and hardware. The wiring harness from the light bar is a positive and negative free-ended wire ready for terminal connections. I used spade connectors and hooked into a MICTUNING harness from Amazon as well as a MICTUNING switch.

You can see in the pictures and video that I originally used EMP light bar brackets. They’re very nice brackets, but aren’t compatible with the SuperATV flip-out windshield. This meant that I had to mount them reversed (passenger bracket on driver’s side and driver’s side bracket on passenger side) after grinding out the metal tabs that were blocking the windshield from tilting. I wouldn’t have done this, but I was in a hurry for Hatfield & McCoy and got impatient. The EMP light bar brackets work just fine with the 1000/900 models, but don’t work with the SuperATV flip-out windshield.

I have, however, found some brackets that are compatible with the SuperATV flip-out windshield and those are from OneStopPerformance: RZR 1000 xp 1000 and xp4 1000 and 2015 900s LED Mounting Brackets – one stop performance

It’s entirely a spot beam across the entire bar and the curvature seems to help spread out the light so that you do get some flood effect. You can see a demo just in my backyard of it against the Polaris LED headlights and a 7″ grill light bar that I have.

This is available at 30 inch W 180W Heavy Duty High Powered LED Bar


Double Row – Light Bars – Off-Road LED Light Bars

As always, be sure to watch in HD:

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