Troubleshooting a 2010 rzr s 800. The machine ran fine our last trip out. after the trip it was washed and hasn’t run since.
When key is turned on, the EFI relay turns on for a second. (During this time I have 12VDC on pin 2 going to the ignition coils.
after a second the relay turns off and pin 2 goes to 0 volts.
When key is turned to the crank position, the machine cranks, but the EFI relay is not turned back on.
checked EFI fuse – good
checked crank position sensor – 568ohms.
checked cps connector by rear left wheel – good.
checked grounds under driver seat – good
Took the EFI relay out and jumpered 12v to the output pin when cranking, this gave 12 volts to pin 2 going to the coils and started the fuel pump, but still wouldn’t fire.
I’m guessing even with the 12v going to the coils, the ECU is not grounding pins 1 and 3 as required to fire?
Leaning toward the ecu being toast but not sure. And don’t want to spend the $600 (Canada) for a new one if its just a guess.
Any advice is much appreciated.

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