Hello all!

A few months ago I went for a ride up-north Michigan in near white out conditions, due it being so dry and dusty. After a few days, I noticed the idle had dropped from 1200+ down to 700ish. At that point, I put the razor back on the trailer for the rest of the trip until I was able to figure out what was going on.

Once I got the machine home, I tore into the air cleaning system and fund that the UNI filter did not exactly do its job (I use UNI filters is all my 2&4 stroke machines) the entire system from the filter to the EFI had a coating of dust. (I am hoping the oil from the filter prevented most of the dust from entering the motor) So after reading a few posts, I went ahead a converted back to paper media and added a “grumpy” style system so I have additional protection.

In addition to that, I “upgraded”the 3 breather hoses and rerouted them to the outside of the Razor.

I removed the old clear tubes, bought 1/4″ black fuel line and made a housing out of PVC.

The problem I am having is that the Razor now has a hard time starting, I tore everything apart and cleaned it, the idle is back over 1200+, but I have to play hell getting it started. Once it is running for a few minutes, its fine and will start right back up. I did not have this problem before the trip, any thoughts?

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