well after this last batch of fun repairs, I am leaning towards hanging it up on my S and switching to a General. We were planning on getting a General anyways, but now thinking instead of keeping the S, to part ways with it. Obviously selling private would be best bet, but I have no idea what kind of prices are considered normal?

2011 rzr S – approx. 1000 miles on it (at work now can’t be sure)
2″ RT lift, with brand new super atv high clearance A arms, new bushings, new balljoints, new brake pads, new tie rod ends.
30″ zilla on 14″ aftermarket black rims (about 200 miles on tires n rims).
PRP suspension seats, 3″ harnesses – soon to be installed quick detach points for the harnesses.
30″ dual row LED bar on top, with two pods in front
Brand new EMP outback winch bumper
4k viper winch with brand new synthetic rope
mid frame stiffners, and Motor mount lift
1/2 folding windshield
Brand new rear end (thanks to Polaris pinion nut design).
60″ Glacier II plow, with new plow push frame.

And yes brand new as in never seen any terrain yet for the Brand new parts. This winter I installed all the new parts, went for test drive down driveway and locked rear end up due to pinion nut coming off and dropping pinion down.

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