I searched heavily on this topic, and found a bunch of valuable information. I tried a lot of the troubleshooting techniques I found while searching as well, and still havent been able to figure this out. Really hoping you guys can help me solve this one to save me potentially hundreds of dollars by not taking it to the dealer.

Ill make it short and sweet. I am not getting the 11vdc minimum that the service manual says I should get at the front diff chassis plug. I am only getting 8.8-8.9vdc. This test was done as according to the service manual as well, which is ignition in the on position (rzr not running, just switch on), awd switch on, and the transmission in gear. This is when Im getting the 8.8vdc when the service manual says I should be getting minimum 11.

The AWD light is NOT lighting up in the speedometer either when the switch is on. I AM getting 12v to the switch plug. The switch seems to test good according to my voltmeter’s continuity beep, when the switch is off no beep, when the switch is on it beeps.

I am leaning towards some kind of grounding issue? Since I am getting 12v at the switch, rational thinking says something is going on AFTER that point? Thanks a ton in advance.

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