Since my wife lost her job…a new General isn’t in the picture for a bit. 🙁 So, it’s time to service my 2013 800S. Bought one of those Tiger tools to grease my bearings and boy did it open a can of worms! But the tool works great! 🙂

Need Recommendations: I need ball joints, brake pads, front hub, and a wish list item is a spare tire carrier. Either I’m finding old posts or the websites I’m looking at, I’m not navigating well. Superdave’s greaseable ones don’t look much better. RCV didn’t list any for mine. No one seems to say that anything is any better than OEM pads.

What do people recommend for ball joints and pads? Where to get them? I’m considering OEM pads, but not sure on ball joints. I have 1800 miles on it and my “cheap” amazon aftermarket ball joints and pads I put on last year are gone already. I’m really noticing the cheapness of amazon parts.

Also I broke my front hub at some point. Amazon has it for $40. I can’t see a reason not to get it.



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