Hi guys im fairly new to the forum. although i have used this and google over the last few days to try and diagnose my problem i cant seem to find what is wrong.

Its a 2011 800s.

I bought this thing used from someone that clearly knew there was an issue and ill explain how i know this in my story below

I rode it around the yard a few times for a week before we got insurance and the plate all done so i could take my wife and i out for ride on the states property. Now my wife never rode anything and thats why i bought this rzr easy for her to drive as it more like a car. plus i wanted to take her on some easy trails our first time out

So i have a charging issue. It will only charge 12V at idle and go as high as 13V when reved. I been wrenching on quads, mowers and cars since i was a kid. Im 30 now. So first i thought regulator. Anything i ever had when a charging issue came up 9 chances out of 10 it was the regulator. If not it was a bad battery Well i changed the reg. and still nothing. So i had a new battery i bought for my jetski. I sat it in there and now it starts like a dream but not charging. Well now its time to break out the meter and do some serious testing. Next i went to the stator. I tested all the wires crossing Y1 to Y2 and so on. Factory specs call for 18AC at idle 45AC at 3000rpm and 74 at 5000RPM well my stator reads 21/55/88. No matter which way you test the 3 yellow wires its all the same through all RPM’s So im slightly over the specs but from my years of testing stuff i never actaully seen a stator read what factory specs say. Plus could be my meter.

so i have good power to the regulator. Now i tested the black and red wires coming up next the battery before going to the batt i get 12.5V not sure if thats right or not.

Now what i will say is someone knew of this issue before i bought and they did a very good job at hiding the issue. Also i never had a RZR before so although i looked it over the best i could but didnt dig around in their machine looking for chopped wires. The cut the 3 wires from the stator and replaced them. Guessing they thought they were bad. Also when i got the RZR it had a another regulator in a spare box of parts. It was at the bottom and didnt know it was there till i got home with it. Also i want to point out this guy bought it used from another person who had all kind of speakers and what not in it. The guy i bought it from took all that stuff out and said he wanted to use it for hunting when actaully he was trying to find the issue i am.

So the battery will charge 12V at idle and up to 13 at high rev. When the fan kicks in the voltage drops and charges even less.

I took all the grounds off i could find and cleaned them all and i also took a crankcase bolt out and grounded it just for extra and i took the bolt out of the reg. and put a ground wire to the body of the regulator.

Now i noticed the reg. Gets hot and once it gets hot its shuts down and i loose what little charging i had. You can see it slowly drop in volts till the LO light comes on and eventually just kill the batt. Not sure why the REG. gets hot. I mean its not supposed to. I swapped regulators and nothing i went to the dealer with the thing on the trailer and my meter. The guy working there was nice enough to let me plug a new reg on the machine and not have to buy it. Well the new one doesnt charge either. So that’s 3 regulators and still not charging.

Now since i know i have good wires from the reg. to the batt and from the stator to the reg. I started to test other things. I did a draw test and everything is fine there. Plus it can sit for a week and start right back up just wont stay running becasue it wont charge.

I started to pull fuses to see if maybe i had a short in the fan or other areas of the RZR obviouslt depending on what fuse you pull it dies but like the fan and lights nothing changes.

There is a black wire in the fuse panel above the gas pedal. It has what looks to be a fusible link that you can unplug. Looks like that wire goes into the Chassis relay. If you unplug that wire the charging actaully goes up some. I get like an extra half volt. Now im not sure what all connected to the chassis fuse but i think the brake switch for starting it is on that. Well this guy or the guy before him deleted the brake start switch. and no wires are connected to the block under the drivers seat.

So now im assuming i have short somewhere at least thats what i think. But where is the question. I unplugged everything i could while it was running and still not charging. If i leave the little black wire with the link in at the fuse panel it charges and extra half volt but the reg. still get hot after 10 mins of idling and shuts off and quits charging all together and starts to deplete the battery.

Someone has been chasing this issue for awhile and it just keeps getting sold by shady sellers until i got it. Im not going to do that to someone and i want the damn thing i just want to be able to ride it and use it. If anyone has any ideas where to look next please let me know so can stop loosing sleep over this thing.

By the way my 07 raptor 700 can pull that thing out of the woods. I couldn’t believe it to be honest. lol

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