Hey guys,, pic says it all.

It has 29.5″ outlaws and I do mostly trails,, with an occasional show off in the mud. I’ve emailed Todd at hunter works to see if he has one for me. If he doesn’t, where would you recommend getting the entire primary.

It has a rapid reaction, or rapid response secondary. Hopefully that’s not junk?

I have a new gates c belt ready (I put one on the 09 today while doing heat shields and snorkels). I have a short video of the heat shield job,, I used fairly rigid spiral duct (furnace vent pipe) and wrapped the exhaust with worm drive clamps, And 2 36″x24″ aluminum sheets. I think it turned out great.

But I’m freaking out on getting the clutch by next weekend. I would like one that would work with the 29.5’s.

Utah RZR Rentals