Hey Everyone,
Hope someone out there can help me out. i’ve searched all over the interweb but haven’t found an answer yet. Have a 13, 800 S that is almost impossible to shift. I have removed the cable from the transmission arm and the shift lever moves just fine. That tells me it’s not the cable. I can move the shifter arm at the transmission if i use a tool on the arm. I cannot move it by hand. As you can imagine, i’m hoping there is something i can check and maybe fix before i have to tear into the transmission. it currently idles at around 1250, is that to high? I replace the belt and it does take off a lot smoother but it’s still very hard to move the shift lever from HIGH to PARK. Another thing i have noticed is that when i am in HIGH and moving, the H is not always showing on the dash. If i grab the shift lever and pull on it the H will appear. It’s almost like the cable needs adjustment. If anyone has anything it will be greatly appreciated.

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