I am still very confused on how to proceed.

Where I live I can ride the RZR on the street and plan to do so for many miles per year.

I want to get a set of wheels and tires that I use just for the street and I will change the set for when i take it to the trails.

I would be very happy with a set of 14″ wheels and tires, all 4 the same size so I am not looking for a staggered set of wheels

I would be ok doing this, right?

My RZR is a bone stock 2012 800s

So what size wheel am I looking for?

I found a set of OEM wheels in an 8″ wide.

Would those work for the front and the rear?

These are the wheels I am looking at.


Any input? Who has a set of street tires and wheels and what did you use?

Trying to do this for the cheap as well.

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