Sorry for the long post…

I have read numerous post about overcharging but my issue is different.

I have a 2011 800 S. It has 3100 miles and the regulator went bad. This is the first charging issue it has had. I googled how to test a regulator/rectifier and following instructions for testing with a meter and diode mode. All diodes were bad. Ordered new polaris regulator and it tested good. Installed and all was well for about 100 miles. The new regulator is now bad and all diodes are bad.

I have checked the machine for bad wires and loose/corroded connections and cant find anything. So I checked the stator following the service manual. The stator is not shorted to ground. The resistance between the stator legs is .2 ohms on my meter, the service manual says .19 ohms, so that should be good.

When checking ac voltage on the stator wires I get the following:
y1 to y2 @ 1300rpm=21.4, @3000rpm=50.4, @5000rpm=82.3
y1 to y3 @ 1300rpm=21.0, @3000rpm=50.6, @5000rpm=81.3
y2 to y3 @ 1300rpm=20.6, @3000rpm=50.1, @5000rpm=81.3
The service manual says the ac voltage should be:

= 18vac +/- 25%
@3000 = 42vac +/- 25%
@5000 = 64vac +/- 25%
The results from my test are in the range of +25% for the 1300 rpm and 3000rpm but a little over the +25% at 5000rpm.

So is my stator bad? Can a Stator produce too much voltage?? I thought when a stator went bad they produced less or stopped producing?? Someone that knows the answers to these questions please educate me.

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