So, this is my prototype… But I really wanted some windows for the cold winters when plowing and something during this hunting season. Hunting season starts in 3 weeks, so I needed something rather quickly.

I left some fabric towards the bed of the rzr (back of the roll bar) in case I wanted to sew it into the back panel and make it one unit. I also plan to use heavy duty buttons to attach the bottom portion to the door itself. and then use a rivet gun and put male buttons on the door. I made these long enough on the bottom so when I buy some real lower doors they will work with those.

The picture makes it look weird up top, but the window panels are under the roof, so you wont get any rain on you. I think I may either use straps to the upper roll bar to keep the top piece in place or make the top piece longer so it goes to that weird roll bar design portion above your head.. I just haven’t decided yet and they serve the function so far.

They can be used on cold/rainy days and or summer days. Overall for the first one made (knowing full well they would have to be modified) it turned out rather well.

My next set will be 600 denier. I believe these are 400… Using high end YKK zippers, premium vinyl etc.


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