I got a used 800s a while ago and its been fine other than I just replaced a water pump seal. I refilled with coolant and bleed it off and went on 2 rides and it ran amazing. Today after about 10 minutes I stopped and saw smoke and smelled oil and all over the top of the eninge there was this tan/brown oil bubbling because it was burning off. It looks like it’s coming from the vent hose that goes to the air box because there’s a big split in it and it has that oil all over it. Oil from dipstick is this color too. I don’t know what could have happened. The one thing I’m worried about is if I overfilled with coolant could that have somehow blown a seal out or something? I drank a little before I did all this and I just am worried I could have really fucked it up. If I remember right I used about a gallon and a half of coolant. What should I do? There’s no oil in the coolant either.

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