Back 2009 when they released the 800S model, I bought two of them. Ran the dog out of them in the woods. Never read about any issues, Never an issue on the pinion nut. Several thousands of miles. Went back to Jeeps and sold em. Recently picked up another 11 RZR 800s, hopped back on here and read about the pinion nut. Well tore it down, took 277lbs of torque to get the nut off. Went ahead and scraped out the neoprene in the nut, locktite the heck out of it and retorqued to 280. I’m now of the opinion that the failures are rigs used in the dunes at high speed, high heat and the neoprene fails. Running them on trails in the woods and river water they don’t get as hot as dunes. What do you all think of my opinion?

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