Long time lurker, first time posting..

Just got a 2009 RZR S… 4WD isn’t working. I tore it out and opened it up. It looks like the previous owner has upgraded to a newer style front diff just based off looking at the parts diagrams, and comparing what I’ve got vs what shows up for the old and the new. The Sprague is in good shape, metal cage. The armature plate is perfectly flat. I supplied 12V to the coil and it pulls/holds the armature plate tight, so I know that’s working. My issue is that I appear to be completely missing the spring, and the little nipple that sticks out of the ring gear is completely sheared off. The plastic spring retainer tit that is supposed to line up with the one on the ring gear is also broken. Pics attached of everything… So here’s my question: would the missing spring and subsequent sheared/broken nipples on the ring gear and spring retainer prevent 4WD from actually “engaging”? I am a little unsure of what they are actually for… I assume some sort of backlash? Thanks for any and all help and advice.

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