What are people doing with their RZR 800s for suspension upgrades to get a better/smoother ride. I have 3 blown discs in my lower back and 2 in my upper. I have seen threads about getting stiffer springs from the factory installed ones… I have the Fox Shocks and orange springs currently.

Wouldn’t the stiffer springs just make the ride feel firmer/stiffer? My thought with stiffer springs is that you then limit how much your shocks can work. Would it make more sense to upgrade my shocks before upgrading my springs? The stiffer spring thing reminds me from going from an F150 to an F250. The F150 always feels better.

I mainly ride below 40mph, hence why I purchased an 800s. I do 98% woods trail riding under 35mph for the most part. I want the best suspension experience I can get without jarring my lower back.

My friend has a RZR turbo and that thing is plain amazing in every aspect. I rode in his rzr4 XP with the RacerTechspring upgrade and I was sore after if that helps any…

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