Anybody had issues with this sensor on a 2013 800S? Went riding last Friday night and everything was going good until we started to head back to the trucks. My machine started running rough, backfired once then finally fell on its face, would barely pull itself in low gear. Moved it off the trail and the check engine light came on, checked all fluids to make sure no unwanted holes had appeared. Had to be towed out by a frigging Honda Pioneer ☹.

Got it home and checked the codes and it was showing for a Tmap sensor. So it being a electrical problem and not much time through the week to fix it I hauled it to my dealer. Haven’t heard anything back yet but was just curious if anyone else has had issues with this sensor.

On a side note when I cranked it Saturday morning to unload at the dealer it ran fine, check engine was off like nothing had happened.

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