Ok, I have owned my rzr now for maybe 6 months and after overhauling all the maintenance items I have now had some time to play with the suspension setup. I ride trails that are tight/technical and max speed is maybe 10mph through out 80% of the trails and then some spots where I can get up to 20-25mph for less than 30 seconds of trail at a time.

I first bought the suspension seat spring kits for the seats hoping this would help… It did help, but I wasn’t impressed as much as I was hoping.

I then backed all my locking nuts out on all 4 corners for my springs and adjusted them according to the owners manual and set my compression dampener 2 full turns in (half way between soft and stiff) and rode around. It was better, but still harsh at low speeds, I would compare it to a Polaris Ranger at low speeds. I just got back from my dads cabin where I overhauled all his maintenance items and his ranger seemed actually softer at those low speeds. (if your riding 20mph average, the machine feels GREAT at this setting)

I then decided to remove my rear locking nuts from my springs at full droop and only add 1/8″ of preload and set the machine back on the ground. My springs aren’t sagging and I have 10″ of clearance in the rear and 12.5″ of clearance in the front. This was better but still stiff.

I then decided to set my compression dampening to full soft on all four shocks and then add 1/4″ turn using my screw driver towards stiffer compression so they weren’t completely loose.


I can now take trails at 10mph and tell I am going over something, but I don’t actually “feel” it. The shocks are now compressing enough to take the feel out of the trail and I haven’t bottomed out yet.

I think I may add another 1/4″ to 1/2″ turn in the fronts because it does feel a little soft, but its a night/day difference! My rears springs are set to 5 1/8″ in the rear and 3 1/2″ in the front.

Main point, if you are going slow speeds over rooted, technical trails try adjusting your compression dampening first on your shocks! I would not run them completely all the way soft as the manual specifically states not to do so. I imagine its due to lack of oil and other stuff when they compress.

The machine feels night/day different now and I don’t feel the need to want a turbo rzr as bad. :grin

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