I havent been on in quite some time but i was a member “rzr800s09” but cant log in any more.

Anyways i was going over my machine and noticed the one way primary bearing was a little rough so i called the dealership and they had the 2 way bearing so i go in and they tell me my shaft in the stationary sheeve is turning and that the spider was seized to this shaft.I used a paint marker and an engraver to mark the pieces prior to taking them in since theyre Balanced and you can clearly see they moved it about a 1/2 inch from where it was but the spider didnt mover just the shaft even after a little heat.

My question is what not?They said new primary and im having a hard time believing these things are this cheap and generically put together that it just falls apart when you try to do any repairs.

If theyre right and im in the market for a primary what fits my 09 S and where can i get a good price on one?im looking to swap my spring and weights and bolt on and go.

Basically want to know what fits this machine like other years (i dont care about EBS 2 way bearings fine) where to buy it?Thanks

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