Hey guys, newbie here. Bought a used 2012 RZR 800s. When I test drove it things felt pretty decent on dirt/gravel. But took I it for a ride the other day on pavement. when driving straight it feels good but if I come to a stop and make a U turn it feels līe the machine is in AWD. Feels and sounds like the front tires are pulling.

SO… I checked out some discussions on here and saw people have issues with the hilliard cage being a culprit either staying engaged or not engaging at all. So i decided to put it up on jack stands today and see if my suspicion was true that the front was not disengaging… I was surprised to find things all check out.

with 2×4 engaged the rears turn, front is free wheeling. 4×4 engaged, after a couple revolutions, the front engages and the front wheels start turning. set it back to 2×4, rears turn, front is free wheeling again.

so my question to you guys is…. is it me? or do you think the rear end has issues or with no weight on the front things are acting right… i guess i expect the machine to ride and do u truns on pavement like a pickup or a jeep would. it has the original bighorn tires on it, so maybe its me and its the tread of the tires just gripping like they should… so again is it me? or the machine.

how do your RZRs act on pavement???

Thanks guys!!

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