Riding this weekend and out of no where my RZR engine started running like it was missing. Never got in any water above my floor board, and the mud was deep, but nothing out of the ordinary. Did some research and read about the T-Map sensor issues, so I took a look, and mine was cracked almost in half. Was able to ride it back to camp. Took it in to dealership yesterday, and they replaced the T-Map sensor while I was there, was going to start it to see if the issue was fixed, but it wouldn’t start. Motor would turn over, but it acts like it either isn’t firing, or isn’t getting any fuel. RZR is still under warranty, so they are going to fix it, if and when they find the issue. Has anyone else had this problem, and can you lead me in the right direction?? I just don’t want to have it sitting at the dealer for a long time. I got riding to do!! Ain’t nobody got time for that mess!!! Thanks in advance for the help
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