I haven’t seen much about a HLE on Shock Therapy so I thought I would post my experience so far.

The fronts are horrible to install. I had some spring compressors from Harbor Freight and half way through the install of the first shock, one of them exploded on me under the pressure. I would assume the cheap pot metal is what caused the failure. After a run to the local auto parts store, I got another set. The biggest advice I have with the install is to cut some thick rubber tubing or something similar to protect the powder coat on the springs. Short of that, you have to compress the springs around 4-5 inches just to get the collar off.

The rears, I was able to remove the old springs by hand and install the new springs by hand with no spring compressor.

I used all the measurements from the directions with the exception of the ride height. Since I have 33 inch High Lifter Outlaw R2s installed, I needed a bit more height out of the springs. For the front I went with 2.5 inches of preload instead of the 2.25 inches of preload. This gave me 21.5 of ground clearance. Its a good start and matches where I was with the lift kit that was removed. The rear called for 2.25 inches of preload and I had to crank it to 3.5 inches just to squeeze out 19-19.5 inches of ground clearance using preload. I assume I will need to go a bit more on them, but I left them there for now.

I haven’t had a chance to test the whole system out yet, but I have to assume the ride is going to be better just looking at the springs. Instead of all that wasted shock body above the preload adjusters that the stock setup had, most of that is now filled with springs.

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