I’m still running the stock 29.5″ Outlaw 2s on my 2016 Highlighter. I have a SuperATV 3″ to 5″ lift set on 3″ with Shock Therapy springs and shock dampening mods, Dalton clutch, Hunterworks secondary rollers, Gates carbon belt, and Turner Eagle 2 axles.

My friend ran the stock Outlaws 2s and then a set of 32″ Outlaw 2s. He swears by his latest 32 Terminators.

The 32 Terminators have the more solid lugs and a different side lug. If you look at the pictures on the SuperATV site, you can see the 32″ with no rim and the difference. I called SuperATV today and they said the 32 is still the only size that is built that way.

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