Just bought a 2017 HL. Brother in law has a 2016. So far we’ve noticed the following differences in the two machines:

– No grease points on front A-Arm/Suspension components on 2017. 2016 are greaseable. Rear U-Joints on 2017 are also not serviceable, where the 2016 is. (Super frustrating. I’m going to remove the A-Arms and drill and tap my own grease zerts in, as even if the new bushings don’t need grease I feel that grease should keep water from pooling and corroding inside the A-Arms)
– No winch switch in dash panel on 2017. 2016 has factory switch in dash for winch control. (Really annoying until I added my own panels and switch with remote as well)
– Fuse panel has been relocated from battery area under driver seat on 2016 and older, to under front hood on 2017. (They didn’t even put a cover or plug in the hole under the seat where panel sits on a 2016, so on my 2017 snow and mud and whatever else gets in all around the battery.)

I can only think this is some sort of cost reduction stuff.

Has anyone else noticed any other weird differences between the later models and the older ones?

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