So I’m driving 7 hours tomorrow to pick up a 2016 High Lifter 4 seater. It is stock aside from a fold down windshield. It only has 270 miles and 45 hours. The tires still have the little whiskers on the side. I don’t know why but I’m having second thoughts. There is a regular 2015 1000xp 4 seater an hour closer that I really like. I ride trails in Wisconsin mainly so I know I will need to change the Outlaw tires out on the HL. Is the ride really that rough on the 4 seater HL? I will have a couple youngsters in the back seats and don’t want them to get beat up. I know I can do the shock therapy stuff to the shocks but don’t really feel like spending the extra money. Is the High Lifter all it’s cracked up to be or would I be better off with the regular XP. (It has 1200 miles on it and loaded with aftermarket parts)

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