I decided to pick up an extra set of tires and wheels that were slightly less aggressive than the outlaws And a better overall all-terrain type tire.

I went with matte black Pro Armor Flares wearing 30″ Attack 2.0’s. Some initial observations…

1. The difference in height Is almost unmeasurable. The attacks are taller on paper but they don’t measure that way. Likely a 1/8 inch difference in height.
2. The wheels have a 1″ greater offset. I didn’t know that going in but it worked out perfectly. The lugs on the outlaws stick out so far that the overall width hasn’t really changed, but technically the track is wider measured rim to rim. It looks visually wider but it’s mostly an illusion.
3. I noticed an immediate improvement maneuvering around my driveway. The outlaws are horrible at slow speed maneuvering and often require several trips back-and-forth to achieve a desired line In a tight spot. The attacks turn quite a bit tighter possibly in part due to the different offset.

4. Not that this is a reliable method of judging the integrity of the carcass, but they felt solid before mounting them So I didn’t bother checking pressure. After dropping it off the jacks they looked quite normal but there was only 8 psi in the tires. Pumping them up to 18 may have increased their height by 1/4 inch.

5. They look fantastic. Not the mad Max look of the outlaws but pretty baddass in their own right.

I’ll run them on some hard pack tonight once the 4th tire gets here. One of them was mislabeled during shipping and was a day late. One of the pics has 1 of each tire mounted on the rear just for comparison sake.

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