States effected by the 60” LAW Polaris we need support [emoji482]

Well this is how the story goes…. I and a RZR4 for six years and racked up 13,000 miles of smiles with my family. My wife and I decided it was time to get a new one but I was hell-bent on holding off to see if Polaris would release of a 1000 60” 4 seater.. two years in limbo my wife and I decided to save up enough money to purchase the vehicle out right that way we wouldn’t have to worry about terms and conditions of a warrantee and we could modify it the way we wanted. If Maine didn’t have a 60 inch LAW the wait wouldn’t of been necessary at all and I could’ve purchased the vehicle I wanted.. long story short I plan on building my own HL4. In hindsight I should’ve bought a HL4 and modified the trailing/ratios arms…. but I didn’t so here I am. So far I installed •

SATV 3” lift with a 1 1/2” shock crank
. Gorilla axles
30” ITP intimidator tires / MSA 28

Next on the list • (feel free to mention your recommendations) [emoji1303] or should I cut my losses and invent 60” HL1000 trailing arms [emoji848]

SATV Atlas high clearance arms or
Dalton upgrade
Custom snorkel
Ecu programming
HL winch bumpers
325 Ace / double reverse chain

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