Installed a used Ebay $305 Holz Racing Rear Sway Bar Kit—Wow..night and day difference in how much better the XP handles and carves the dunes. The rear slides around so much easier with paddles as the body seems to remains flat and pushes the rear out vs digging in.

The story, my buddy just picked a new X3 this past December with the big hp and wide stance….my wife drove it and loved how it felt so planted. Our 2015 XP1000 with the stage-2 Shock-Therapy springs kit made the ride super nice….except when it came to riding/carving the dunes at a good clip. We ride at Glamis/Gordon’s well 100% of the time and she stopped driving the XP due to the tendency of it always feeling like it is going to go up on 2 wheels and/or roll.

Come the 1st ride with the new sway bar last month….the verdict…wife two hands back on the XP steering wheel and a solid smile. I did not realize how much body lean the XP had with the the stock sway bar until I drove the X3. I was the only SxS in our group until my buddy’s X3, and I just got used to the body leaning feeling.

Adding the stiff aftermarket sway bar has made the biggest difference…much more bang for the buck for the rear sway bar than the suspension spring kit …at least for our type of riding.

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