My used 2016 xp1000 w/ride command has an o2 code (P0030 / 520209) when I bought it but didn’t have a clue until after I got her home. It doesn’t seem to be in any “limp mode” that others mention so I haven’t addressed the issue yet. My research shows here that most just replace the $120 oxygen sensor and move on. But I’m wondering what kills them at such a tender age?

Is it possible that the catalytic converter retains too much heat, thus causing premature wear on the sensor? I’ve read also that the sensor’s connection may be bad but I’ve checked that and it seems fine. Anyway, I was debating pending further research whether or not to hollow out my cat and while I was at it I had considered getting that Bikeman’s Performance 02 delete meant for aftermarket exhaust. I’ll be keeping the stock exhaust, and especially keeping the spark arrestor.

I wanted to get some of everyone’s thoughts who may have experience with this because after reading multiple threads on the subjects I can’t seem to make up my mind which road to travel. Thanks in advance, guys and gals.

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