I am putting racer tech springs on my 2014 XP 1000 shocks. Found one of my rears has lost a lot of shock body due to wear from the collar that separates the springs. I mean it really ate into the shock body…

So I am looking on ebay to buy some used shocks with less wear. I see some 2015s and 2016s that look the same – remote reservoir and all – but I do not know if they will fit the 2014. My rear shock part number is 7044244. Some of the ones I see on ebay are part number 7044376.

Does anyone know if walker evans remote reservoir rear shocks from the 2015 and 2016 RZR XP 1000s (2 seaters) will fit the 2014?

Help is appreciated as always. I scoured internet – could not find. Searched forum too…


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