Less than two hours in at Glamis at camp RZR the two bolts on the aluminum block that bolts the trans to the motor on the passenger side fell out. The two that go through the trans mounting(aluminum block) holes, not the two that thread into the motor. After a bang and grinding sound I was done. The top bolt was gone and the bottom was just sitting in the hole.

Question is, after looking at the service manual it mentions a nut on the bolts but the diagram does not show them. (around page 8.8) I bought the bolts today but they did not come with nuts. Not even sure how to put the nuts on since its between the motor and trans and its tight. I removed the aluminum mounting block that bolts the trans to motor and its wore on the mating surface(from being loose) so I need to buy a new one of those too.

I am sure I need to pull my clutches so that I can replace the drivers side bolts and align the distance between shafts. Anyone know if the trans would get damaged during the bang and metal sound I herd? I really don’t want to reinstall everything and find out the trans needs to come out now.

This is on my 2012 xp900 that I put a 2014 xp1000 motor in 1500 miles ago. I remember putting it together and thinking this is a dumb way to mount the motor/trans and sure enough….

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