I have 2015 XP1000 with over 1800 miles. My last few trips to Glamis it seemed that my exhaust was getting louder and louder…..but thought I was just getting older and older and getting less tolerant of loud exhausts. I am wearing my full face helmet…and still needed to add ear plugs. Well on my last trip…..it got super loud and started popping at start-up and cutting out, as if was hitting the rev-limiter when WOT with paddles…this was first as well.

Looking at header/exhaust, you could not tell anything was wrong, or lose. I did notice the header access circular hole. The difference with the hole is that exhaust was being blown through the hole. Since I had no idea of the purpose of the whole….I thought it was normal.

I pulled the plugs and noticed that they were burning lean…So we went back to focusing on the exhaust. Put a light and screwdriver in the exhaust access hole..and felt and could see something that did not look right. Hard to see anything on the header as it is all covered in heat-shields.

So if your XP starts getting loud….check for exhaust coming out of the header access hole…if that is a positive…pull your header, remove the heat shield and inspect it.

Got a nearly new stock header shipped for $80 off an Ebay vendor. Perfect! Looking forward to a much quieter ride in January.

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