Some of you may have seen my post in general rzr talk about “I think I found the one”

Well it was the one!!

Paid 12500 for it. 135 hours and low 1000 miles.
All recalls done, and just recently serviced about 40 miles ago.

Has a roof, 4 speaker Mtx radio,half windshield, 6 click harness and rock slider bar. Also a big front bumper and led pods.

Only thing it needs is a cv boot.
It MIGHT need a cv axle- there is a bit of back and forth play in one.

I’m going to probably order a couple extra boots and a spare front and rear cv axle and a belt for safe keeping. Is there a belt everyone recommends?
He told me the axles are about $70 a pop??

I also want to add on a winch, a cooler mount a fire extinguisher, and a blue light whip deal.

Feel free to give me any tips!

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