I thought my front end was making noises in the trails couldn’t really tell. When I got on a main road and gave it throttle, seemed fine until 45mph at that point it made rapid clicking noises.

When I turned off the 4×4 drive the sound is gone.

I wiggled the half shafts and they moved a bit where they enter the diff, I have heard this is normal.

Low miles and the machine and fluids been replaced more often then recommend.

An additional note and this could just be me being paranoid.. My dealer mechanics completely suck, they previously forgot to tighten the differential mounting bolts when the replaced a drive shaft bearing. These bolts stripped. They replaced the case. Here’s the paranoid part, I always thought the differential was louder after the case swap. Can you screw something up swapping the diff case?

Idk any ideas on the clicking noises and or what I can do to inspect it?

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